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Competition News and Results 



Online Dressage - February 2022


Huge congratulations to everyone who took part in SWRC online dressage last month.  Once again there was some super riding and our online dressage judge tells us the tests were a pleasure to score.  



Special congratulations to the winners of each section, Liza Ingleton, Hazel Jackson and Emma Palmer. 

Online Dressage - June


Congratulations to the riders and horses who took part in June's online dressage competition.   Special congratulations to the winners of each class:


Intro B

Amy Walden on Jessie


Prelim 7 & Prelim 18

Geoffrey Davies on Orby


Novice 24 and Ele 72

Claire Heath on Foxy


Arena Eventing Championships 

May 2021


Huge congratulations to Bertie Stone, who competed for SWRC in the Arena Eventing Championships at Aston le Walls.  Bertie had a super clear round with his pony Silver Dollar, which placed him 20th out of 100 riders, and also 8th in the juniors section.  Well done, Bertie, on this amazing achievement. 



Online Dressage - April 2021




Many congratulations to everyone who entered April's online dressage - it was a very competitive month, with some super scores!


Special congratulations to the winners of each class


Intro B:  Amy Walden on Jessie 


Prelim 7: Becca Pritchard on Black Mare


Prelim 13: Trish Nimmo on Cali


Novice 27:  Trish Nimmo on Cali


Elementary 42: Lisa Lodge on Ballie

Online Dressage - March 2021


Many congratulations to all 37 participants of March's online dressage.  Lets congratulate the following riders on their successes:
1st - Hannah King on Hughie
2nd - Ellie Cuff on Rockey
3rd - Tamsin Bannell on Molly
4th - Liza Ingleton on Patchwork Prince
5th - Becky Hesford on Molly
6th - Amy Walden on Jessie




1st - Andrew Ingleton on Lucky Find

= 2nd - Andrew Ingleton Big Time George

= 2nd - Trish Nimmo on Cali

4th - Albert Wilde on Freddie

5th - Liza Ingleton on Patchwork Prince

6th - Geoffrey Davies on Orby

1st - Anita Wilcox on Casper Rebel
2nd - Lisa Lodge on Bally
3rd - Trish Nimno on Cali
4th - Geoffrey Davis on Silverlinings Playboy
5th - Lisa Lodge on Black Mare
6th - Ros Coombes on Nomadic Storm


1st - Joanne Peacock on Longslade Dazzle
2nd - Katie Gale on Kinletter Lad
3rd - Hazel Jackson on Banana
4th - Sharon Rose on Foxy
5th - Andrew Ingleton on Big Time George
6th - Lily Stiff on Peppa


1st - Joanne Peacock on Longslade Dazzle
2nd - Hazel Jackson on Banana





Online Intermediate Dressage Qualifiers

March 2021


A huge congratulations to our wonderful riders and horses who formed the senior team to compete at the Online Intermediate Dressage Qualifiers.  The SWRC team achieved  6th place, with an individual 2nd place for Jo Peacock on Longslade Dazzle in her very first Elementary test. 


Congratulations again to Jo Peacock, Hazel Jackson, Liza Ingleton and Andrew Ingleton on this fantastic achievement! 

BRC Arena Eventing Qualifiers

24 October 2020


We are proud to have sent a Junior and Senior team to the BRC Arena Eventing Championships at Bovington.  Despite the awful wind and torrential rain, both teams rode exceptionally well.  The junior team sadly wasn't place on this occasion, however Bertie Stone rode a storming round on Dolly (pictured), and finished exactly on the time to win the 70cm class. This also means he qualifies for the BRC championships at Aston in March 2021.


Di Burgess also picked up 3rd place as a senior individual, and the senior team of Di, Hazel, Natalie and Sam were also placed 3rd. 


Huge congratulations to everyone who took part. 




BRC Novice Dressage Qualifiers

17 October 2020 


Six SWRC riders cometed in the sunshine at Crofton for the BRC Novice Dresage Qualifiers at Crofton on 17th October.  Sadly our team was down to three riders as Lucy Dawson's Jack had to withdraw, which left Jo Peacock, Karenlee Barrett and Tina Beard to pull out all the stops.  The team performed exceptionally well with Jo Peacock tipping the 70% mark on Dazzle (see photo.)


Tom Dyer, Jo Peacock and Hazel Jackson also competed as indiciduals, with Hazel bringing home an individual second place with a score of 71%, and Tom Dyer also picking up a well deserved 5th place in his class. 


Huge congratulations to everyone who competed.


SWRC Championships

20 September 2020



The Champ results are out and massive congratulations to our 2020 champions and reserve champions. Huge thanks to our sponsors Nadder Valley Equine for their support of this series, to our amazing judges Sarah Whittington, Karen Hardy, Claire Sturmey and Sophie Gregory, and Donna Boyd for her energy and organisation. The results are as follows: 


Class 1: Intro Walk and Trot

Champion: Tamsin Bannell and Molly

Joint Reserves:  Donna Boyd and Clover; Hazel Jackson and Diptford Golden Falcon


Class 2: Prelim

Champion: Julie Pearson and Tinka's Charm

Reserve: Rebecca Hamilton-Fletcher and Smokin' Gun


Class 3: Novice

Champion: Sarah Mitchell-Sheppard and Sir Lloyd

Reserve:  Rebecca Hamilton-Fletcher and Smokin' Gun


Class 4: Ele plus % class

Champion: Sarah Mitchell-Sheppard and Tetouan (medium)

Reserve: Donna Boyd and Playwrite (advanced medium)


Class 5: 70cm style jumping

Champion: Hazel Jackson and Diptford Golden Falcon

Reserve: Natalie Sorrell and Lago Jubiloso


Class 6: 80cm style jumping

Champion: Macy Palmer and Something Special

Reserve: Hazel Jackson and Diptford Golden Falcon


Class 7: 90cm style jumping

Champion: Sorcha Goody


Class 8: 60cm Combined Training

Champion: Louisa Palmer and Something Special


Class 9: 70cm Combined Training

Champion: Donna Boyd and Ghyllwood Eros

Reserve: Hazel Jackson and Diptford Golden Falcon


Class 10: 80cm Combined Training

Champion: Rebecca Hamilton-Fletcher and Smokin' Gun

Reserve: Hazel Jackson and Diptford Golden Falcon




Eventers' Challenge Moreton

22 August 2020


A huge well done to Hazel Jackson, Sam Langford, Jo Peacock, Lucy Dawson and Jess Baber representing SWRC st Moreton for the Eventer's Challenge.  The 70cm team achieved a 1st, with an individual 7th for Jo and 10th for Sam, whilst Jess had a super round in the 80cm. 


Online Dressage, Show Jumping and Combined Training Qualifiers

10 August 2020


This was our final qualifier for the SWRC e-championships which will be held on 20 September.  Many thanks to Donna Boyd for organising the event and prizes. The resuts were as follows: 


Class 1: BRC walk and trot

1st: Tasmin Bannell

2nd: Alex Mann

3rd: Donna Boyd

4th: Lynn Baggott


Class 2: BRC D2

1st: Lynn Baggott


Class 3: BRC D3

1st: Tom Dyer


Class 4: BRC D10

1st: Sarah Mitchell-Sheppard


Class 5: Ele or above freestyle

1st: Sarah Mitchell-Sheppard  on Tetouan

2nd Sarah Mitchell-Sheppard on Sir Lloyd

3rd: Abi Goree

4th: Donna Boyd

5th: Tara Goree


Class 7: 70cm SJ

1st: Natalie Sorrell


Class 8: 80cm SJ

1st: Many Palmer

2nd: Abi Goree


Class 9: 90cm SJ

1st: Sorcha Goody

2nd: Tara Goree


Class 11: 70cm Combined Training

1st: Hazel Jackson


Class 12: 80cm Combined Training

1st: Sorcha Goody

2nd: Hazel Jackson


Class 15: DTM percentage score

1st: Sarah Mitchell-Sheppard


Online Dressage, Show Jumping and Combined Training Qualifiers

10 July 2020


Our second online qualifiers event had 29 entries in all across dressage, showjumping and combined training.  All showjumping rounds had to be over a minimum of 6 fences, inclusing one double and an equal mix of spreads and uprights.  The rounds were filmed at home and then submitted for judging, where style marks were also awarded each fence.  Many thanks to Donna Boyd for organising the event, judging and rosettes.  The results were as follows:


Class 1: BRC walk and trot

1st: Lauren Vincent-Ehlert 

2nd: Alex Mann


Class 2: BRC Dressage test D1

1st: Tom Dyer

2nd: Ros Coombes


Class 3: BRC dressage test D2

1st: Julie Pearson

2nd: Ros Coombes


Class 4 BRD Dressage test D10

1st: Jenny Tanner


Class 5: BRC freestyle Ele or above %

1st: Sarah Mitchell-Sheppard on Mango (E)

2nd: Donna Boyd (E)

3rd: Heather Ward (E)

4th: Sarah Mitchell-Sheppard on Bailey (M)


Class 7 70cm SJ

1st: Kay Pogson

2nd: Lucy Dawson

3rd: Hazel Jackson


Class 8: 80cm SJ

1st: Hazel Jackson

2nd: Lucy Dawson


Class 9: 90cm SJ

1st: Lucy Dawson

2nd: Jo Peacock


Class 10: Walk and trot woth 60cm CT

1st: Louise Palmer


Class 11: BRC HT80 Q&C with 70cm CT

1st: Donna Boyd

2nd: Rebecca Hamilton Fletcher

3rd: Jo Peacock

4th Kay Pogson


Class 12: BRC HT90 with 80cm CT

1st: Rebecca Hamilton Fletcher

2nd: Jo Peacock

3rd: Lucy Dawson

4th: Macy Palmer


Online Dressage Qualifiers

10th June 2020


SWRC were keen to get back competing as soon as possible after the Covid-19 restrictions were eased.   There were an amazing 30 entries all together, in our first online dressage competition, split over 13 classes. The results were as follows:


Class 1: BRC walk and trot

1st: Hazel Jackson

2nd: Kay Pogson


Class 2: BRC test D1

1st: Macy Palmer

2nd: Hazel Jackson

3rd: Julie Pearson

4th: Roz Coombes

5th: Poppy Firth


Class 3: BRC test D2

1st: Hazel Jackson

2nd: Roz Coombes

3rd: Poppy Firth


Class 4: BRC test D3

1st: Rebecca Hamilton-Fletcher

2nd: Louisa Palmer

3rd: Hazel Jackson


Class 5: BRC test D10

1st: Rebecca Hamilton-Fletcher

2nd: Heather Ward

3rd: Richard Harding


Class 6: BRC HT80 Q&C

1st: Kay Pogson


Class 8: BRC HT 100Q

1st: Rebecca Hamilton-Fletcher

2nd: Lucy Dawson

3rd: Jo Peacock

4th: Jenny Tanner


Class 9: BRC HT 100+Q

1st: Rebecca Hamilton-Fletcher

2nd: Heather Ward


Class 12: Ele/Med Freestyle

1st: Sarah Mitchell-Sheppard and Bailey

2nd: Sarah Mitchell-Sheppard and Mango


Class 13: Ad Med and above Freestyle

1st: Donna Boyd

2nd: Donna Boyd


Huge well done to everyone who took part, and also to Donna Boyd for organising the online event so quickly and smoothly. 



Novice Dressage Qualifiers

6th October 2019


SWRC were very well represented at the recent Novice Dressage Qualifiers, sending a senior team, a junior individual and two senior individuals to Sparsholt Equine Collage.   The senior team consisted of Tara Hooper, Donna Boyd, Karenlee Barrett and Lucy Dawson, who achieved a respectable 4th place overall, with Tara also being placed 4th and Donna 2nd as individuals.  Abi also finished in the placings, also bringing home a well deserved green rosette.  


Congratulations to Karenlee Barrett, Sam Langford, Natalie Sorell, Abi Goree, Tara, Lucy and Donna for their efforts, and a special thank you to Donna, Tara, Abi and Natalie for taking on volunteer roles to enable us to compete as a team.




Dressage to Music Championships - Quadrille 

28 September 2019

SWRC had a very sucessful, but emotional weekend competing at the Dressage to Music championships and quadrille selection at Bury Farm.  Donna and Sarah kicked off the weekend with a stunning 4th in the elementary pairs, and on Saturday they were joined by Anne and Natalie in the quadrille.  Our quartet were complemented on their costume and music, and in the end they came 5th which is an amazing success.  However Marmite was taken ill soon after the competition and remained with the vet until the next morning.  We wish Marmite the speediest of recoveries. 


A big thank you to all the support team, especially Jan for the amazing costumes.



SWRC Dressage Championships

22 September 2019


A brilliant day was had by all at Manor Farm, Teffont for the SWRC dressage championships.  Huge congratulations to all our champions (pictured below), and reserve champions, and also to our kind sponsors who made the event possible.  The results an be found on the below attachment. 


SWRC dressage.docx
Microsoft Word document [13.4 KB]

Warminster Saddle Club

Combined Training  28 August 2019



We had a super fun day at Warminster Saddle Club for our Combined Training, Dressage and Show jumping competition. 

The sun shone, the burgers were excellent, and all the competitors seemed to enjoy their day too.  

 Huge congratulations to all our winners!


Results 28 Aug
Combined Training, Dressage and SJ results 28 Aug 2019
Warminster Saddle Club
Warminster results 28 Aug.docx
Microsoft Word document [13.9 KB]

Evening Dressage

Manor Farm Teffont

30th May 2019


Festival of the horse Championships

Aston Le Walls

18th-19th May 2019


A massive well done to our amazing juniors who represented us fantastically at the Festival of the horse Champs at Aston Le Walls in the junior Combined Training.


Unfortunately we were down to a team of 3 after Abi Goree had to withdraw due to horse injury but the team of Sorcha Goody, Lucy watling and Ellie Portnell did us proud finishing in a respectable 13th place.

The girls also picked up some individual rosettes! With Sorcha having an ufortunate pole down in the sj she finshed in 14th,

Lucy picked up a 9th place and the aptly named Amazing Pete ridden by Ellie finished a fabulous 3rd to pickup a rosette and a sash.


Well done girls!

And as always a massive thank you to our volunteer for the day Sarah Mitchell-Sheppard and our fabulous sponsors Agricultural water engineers.


Have a go dressage

Manor Farm Teffont

11th May 2019


As always we had a super relaxed and fun day at Manor Farm for our "Have a go" dressage.

The sun even made an appearance in the afternoon. The competitors all seemed to enjoy their day and I hope you all managed to pick up some useful advice.

A huge congratulations to all our winners and to those of you who picked up a most improved rosette too!


BRC Intermediate Winter Championships

Bury Farm Equestrian Village

26th - 28th April 2019


We sent 1 senior team and  3 individuals to Bury farm for the Inter Winter Champs this weekend.

The weekend started on Friday with Donna Boyd riding Heather Wards George in the Medium/Ad Med pick a  test class. They set us off to a cracking start picking up a 6th place in the medium section and coming 7th overall out of 26 competitors with a great score of 67.1%.

The Saturday arrived bringing galeforce winds and blowing dust clouds across the arenas but our intrepid competitors gave it their all and produced some fabulous scores. First up was Di Burgess riding Right of Way. An unfortunate error of course just dropping her out of the placings in what was otherwise a lovely test ,finished 11th. Next up was Tom Dyer riding PJ who also did a lovely and harmonious test picking up a brilliant 68+% and also finishing 11th.Donna Boyd followed him on her second ride of the weekend Merlin. Merlin managed to contain his stress levels for the 5 mins he was in the arena to get a very respectable 67+% finishing in 12th place and last but not least was Heather Ward riding her own horse this time. Unfortunately George decided he was too tired after a sleepless night in a flappy stable to quite produce the score he managed the previous day but got through his test in a more relaxed fashion to finish 20th.

The team finished in 13th place right in the middle so a pretty fabulous effort all round.


Finally on day 3 Ben Burgess riding U Natural represented us in the Junior elementary individual section. 

This ever consistant pair pulled out all the stops and were rewarded with a fantastic 73.28% and a well deserved 1st place bringing our amazing weekend to a close in the best possible way.

Huge congratulations to our new National Champion! 


Also a huge thank you to Donna Boyd for being our volunteer on Friday which allowed everyone to compete and as always a great big thank you to Agricultural Water Engineers for your continued support of the teams.


Area 17 FOTH Combined Training Qualifiers

Crofton Manor Equestrian Centre

19th April 2019


Sunshine Ponies and rosettes, what more could members ask for?


We started the combined training qualifier with a cracking score of 71% and just a pole down for 4 faults in the sj for Georgie Beard on her new ride Raz on their debut outing, followed by another fabulous score of 68.50% and just 1 down in the sj for Charlie Large giving her an individual 5th in the senior BRC 90 with 75cm sj.

It was a bit of a wait over lunch until the other team members rode in the BRC 100 with 85 sj. Daisy Weir was up first and produced a very respectable 65.33% but had an unfortunate couple of poles in the sj on only their 2nd outing kept them out of the individual placings. Finally came Tom Dyer on the lovely PJ who was very unlucky to have a cheeky stop at the last fence as after his brilliant dressage score of 68.95%  this brought him down to 6th individually.

The team came home with a really well deserved team 5th place.


We also sent a Junior team. In the BRC 90 Ellie Portnell and the unstopable Amazing Pete picked up a 67% and clear sj to finish individually 1st. She was followed by Abi Goree who gave us our highest dressage score of the day and also had a clear sj round to also come 1st riding Teresa Hoopers Raff.

The last 2 competitors of the day were Sorcha Goody and Lucy Watling Completing the Junior team in the BRC 100.

Sorcha and Twiggy had a very respectable 63.16% and another clear round giving her an individual 4th and Lucy rounded the day of riding Cass to pick up 62.63% and giving us a 4th clear round for the junior team and also our 3rd individual 1st.


No surprises then that the Junior team finished with a team 1st and will now head to the FOTH Champs at Aston Le Walls.


Well done to all our competitors and a massive thank to Beth Grenall and Karenlee Barrett for being our volunteers for the day.


And once again a HUGE Thank you goes to Agricultural Water Engineers who sponsor our fantastic teams.

Area 17 FOTH Challenge Qualifiers

Moreton EC

14th April 2019


A huge well done to all our members who competed at the FOTH Challenge qualifiers.

Unfortunately it was not a day for rosettes but as always lots of fun was had by all the riders and support crew with the fabulous SWRC team spirit.


The Juniors were represented by Kate Greenall, Sorcha Goody and Lucy Watling.

Daisy Weir and Mercedes Notton-Hill represented the seniors in the 80 and Sally Williams managed a very good 13th place on the lovely Lulu in the senior 90.


As always our thanks go to Agricultural Water Engineers for their continued support of our teams.

Area 17 Winter Intermediate Dressage Qualifiers

Crofton Manor Equestrian Centre

23rd March 2019


We sent 3 teams to Crofton Manor for the intermediate qualifiers, 2 senior teams and a Junior team.

Our Juniors started the day off. fielding a team of 3. Individual placings all round for Sorcha Goody (4th), Lucy Watling (6th) and Ben Burgess (1st) giving them a team 6th and a qualification for the Champs at Bury Farm for Ben who stepped up to do his first Elementary.


The seniors followed in fine form too!! With one team also down to 3. Tom Dyer, Merc Notton-Hill and Donna Boyd still managed an amazing team placing of 9th and Tom got an Individual 1st to get our 2nd qualification to Champs!!


The 2nd senior team of Tom Dyer and Donna Boyd on their second rides, Heather Ward and Di Burgess picked up an individual 3rd fo Tom and 2nd for Di giving them a fantastic team 2nd!! 

Fantastic results from big class and with 22 teams competeing it meant that they got our 3rd qualification of the day!!


Finally Donna on her 3rd horse of the day did a lovely test in the medium/advanced medium class to pick up 1 last red rosette for the day and our 4th qualification.


Hugh congratulations to everyone who competed and good luck to alll of you who go forward to Bury Farm at the end of April.

Last but not least thank you to our fabulous volunteers for the day who were Karenlee Barrett and Beth Greenall without you none of us would have been able to compete and also Huge thanks once again to our sponsors Agricultural Water Engineers for your continued support.


BRC Arena Eventing Championships

Aston Le Walls

10th March 2019


A hugh well done to our team of riders who showed tremendous team spirit in the most adverse of conditions and braved the monsoons to travel up to Aston Le Walls for the 90cm Arena Eventing Championships.


After the qualifiers Martine Kemmish unfortunately suffered a broken wrist which meant she couldnt attend the champs. Already a team of 3 we were keen to get the team numbers up and Donna Boyd and Di Burgess agreed to fill in the gaps.


The Team of Di Burgess, Merc Notton-Hill, Alice Stone and Donna Boyd had a few ups and downs through the day with the course proving to be very testing. there were only a handful of clear rounds all day and a lot of people taking the joker fence at the end of the course. 


However our FOTH Challenge experts Alice and the amazing Adamstown Lady once again proved why they are the best at this by producing a lovely round to just roll the joker at the end.


well done to you all and a massive thank you to Karenlee Barrett who got up at the crack of dawn to drive up and stand outside all morning in the rain to be our volunteer for the morning. We very much appreciated it   ;-)

 SWRC Showjumping Championships

3rd March 2019

Dorset Showground


  A huge well done to everyone who helped, supported or competed yesterday at our winter SJ Champs - a real testing day of weather but as always we had amazing horses present and lovely riders, all happy to chip in and help with the falling jumps in the wind!

A special congratulations to our champions and reserve champions:

Class one, 60/65cm ~ kindly sponsored by Nadder Valley Equine
CHAMPION: Kirsty Parker

Class two, 70/75cm ~ kindly sponsored by KwM Galleries:
CHAMPION: Tilly Gratton

Class three,80/85cm ~ kindly sponsored by Plain Equine:
CHAMPION: Isabelle Morris

Class four, 90/95cm ~ kindly sponsored by KwM Galleries:
CHAMPION: Millie Halski

Class five, 100/105cm ~ kindly sponsored by KPineapple Rosettes:
CHAMPION: Millie Halski

Many thanks to all our wonderful sponsors and to Dorset Showground for having us 



17th FEB 2019


The First qualifier of the year turned out to be a bit of a mixed bag this year!!!

We sent a senior 80 and junior 80 team to Moreton this year. The seniors were starting with a team of 3 so couldnt afford any whoopsies. The day did not start well. Teresa Hooper went to pick up Ellie Portnell with her own horse safely in the back of the lorry. She arrived at Ellies and opened the ramp and the whole ramp hit the floor!! This left her with her lovely horse stuck in the back and meant that unfortunately neither Teresa or Ellie could get to Moreton :-(

The senior team were now down to just 2 indivduals so no team score. First up was Karenlee Barrett with the gorgeous Eldorado VH Dingenshof. Unfortunately our unlucky start continued and Karenlee had an impromptu dismount.

The Juniors had started in the 2nd arena shortly after that and they kicked our unlucky start into touch by producing some cracking rounds and Lucy Watling riding Cass and Sorcha Goody riding Twiggy both got into the jump off. Lucy finished a fantastic individual 2nd and Sorcha not far behind in 4th. With Kate Greenall and Henrys score helping them to a   brilliant team 2nd place. Not bad for a team of three!

While the girls were busy turning our luck around our final senior Tom Dyer had started his rounds riding PJ. Tom pulled of 2 clears and went into the jump off where he flew round to be just pipped into 2nd place.

Really well done to everone who took part and a massive thank you to all our fabulous volunteers today who were Sheri Start, Lynnie and Grace Reed and Tara and Abi Goree

And as always a great big thank you to our amazing sponsors Agricultural Water Engineers who have once again stepped up to sponsor our teams this year.

2018 AGM

2nd Feb 2019


Every year at the AGM we present 8 trophies and rosettes to our members. All through the year Donna collects all the results from our club comps, Area qualifiers and Championships and puts them all into various spreadsheets.just before the AGM she totals up all the points and the trophies are handed out to the winners. we then give rosettes to the first second and third people on the list too.

This years results were....


Dressage Trophies

There are 2 dressage trophies and they are awarded to the Senior and Junior members who have accumulated the most point through the year in our club dressage competitions.



1st   Karenlee Barrett    65 points

2nd=   Abbie Wyatt   23 points

2nd=   Heather Ward   23 points

3rd   Tara Goree   19 points



1st   Josephine Southey   37 points

2nd   Ellie Portnell   26 points

3rd  Sorcha Goody   19 points


Combined Training and Showjumping Trophies

There are 2 of these as well and these are presented to the senior and junior members that have accumulated the most points through the year in our club combined training and showjumping comps.



1st    Tina Beard   24 points

2nd   Sam Langford   23 points

3rd   Lynn Baggott   21 points



1st   Sorcha Goody   26 points

2nd   Poppy Firth   24 Points

3rd   Lucy Watling   16 Points


Team Trophies

There are also 2 of these and again they go to highest scoring Senior and Junior. Points are accumulated in all of the BRC area qualifiers and the BRC Championships. You will get points for attending plus extra points for placings. you get double points for Championships.



1st   Donna Boyd   40 points

2nd   Sarah Mitchell-Sheppard   36 points

3rd   Alice Stone   19 points



1st   Ellie Portnell   45 points

2nd   Sorcha Goody   28 points

3rd Lucy Watling   21 points



RoR Trophy

This trophy goes to the Ex Racehorse who gains the most points throughout the year in club comps, area qualifiers, championships and you also get points for attending our club lessons.


1st   Sorcha Goody and Queens Forester   94 points

2nd   Lucy Watling and Casisle   61 points

3rd   Donna Boyd and Rinus Star   38 points


Mads Southey Trophy

This is the trophy to win!!! points are acumulated throughout the year for anything you attend with the SWRC. you get 1 point for every lesson or club comp class that you take part in. You get 2 points for every area qualifier class you do and 4 points for a Championship class. but the big points come from volunteering. 2 points for a club comp, 4 for an area qualifier and 6 for a championship. 


1st   Sarah Mitchell-Sheppard   51 points

2nd   Karenlee Barrett   48 points

3rd   Alice Stone   42 points


Huge congratulations to all our dedicated and hard working members who picked up a prize this year and keep up the good work. 



Area 17 Arena Eventing Qualifiers

RAC Saddle Club Bovington

24th/25th Nov 2018


The final qualifier of 2018 and what a way to finish the year!!! We sent 3 teams over the 2 day competition. On the Saturday we were represented by Annie Gillott, Sam Langford, Katie Butler and Poppy Firth in the 70 team. Sam, Katie and Poppy all pulled off the double clear and with just a few time faults between them picked up a fabulous team 2nd and Katie also had an individual 6th on her lovely horse Toners Pintada.

Onto day 2 and we sent a 90 and a 100 team. unfortunately both teams were only fielding 3 riders but that didn't stop them! The 90 team of Alice Stone, Martine Kemmish and Mercedes Notton-Hill were up first and did an absolutely amazing job. Both Alice and Martine managed the double clear with just a few time faults to add for Martine and just 2 unlucky poles for Mercedes. Alices double clear within the time gave her a fantastic individual 3rd proving once again why Adamstown Lady and herself are our club experts at this sort of competition. But even better the team came 1st. they will now head for the Championships at Aston Le Walls in March (Whoop Whoop).

Finally the 100 team finished the weekend off for us. Rosie Fowler, Sophie McCarter and Hannah Fowler did us proud with just a few pesky poles for Rosie and Sophie and a brilliant double clear inside the time and an individual 4th for Hannah riding Too Cool they picked up Team 3rd.

Huge Congratulations to all our competitors. no one came home without a rosette and as always an even bigger thank you to our volnteers for the weekend as without you we would not be able to send the teams, Karenlee Barrett, Mercedes Notton-Hill, Beth Greenalll and Donna Boyd.

Finally Thank you again to our wonderful sponsors Agricultural water engineers for you support of our teams this year.

BRC Dressage to music Championships

Bury Farm Equestrian

28th-30th Sept 


On Friday the 28th we sent Sarah Mitchell-Sheppard and Donna Boyd to Bury Farm for the Elementary Pairs music at the Dressage to music Championships and Heather Ward for the Veteran rider class on the Saturday. And what a way to end our 2018 Championships!

Sarah rode Donna's Rinus Star and Donna Rode Heathers Vagebond VD Witheove Z and they had some very original music very kindly put together for them by our resident photographer Keith Markillie of KWM Photography. The music was definately not to the judges taste but the floorplan couldnt be faulted and was foot perfect leaving them in 2nd place......Reserve National Champions!!! Whoop Whoop.

On the Saturday Heather also did a fantastic test on Vagebond VD Witheove Z to pick up a very respectable 8th place in the Veteran riders class. this was a % class (Prelim/novice) and Heather did the harder test (novice) and was acually 2nd out of the novices. Huge well done to everyone and Thank You's go to the fabulous team of supporters who came to cheer them on.

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