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17th FEB 2019


The First qualifier of the year turned out to be a bit of a mixed bag this year!!!

We sent a senior 80 and junior 80 team to Moreton this year. The seniors were starting with a team of 3 so couldnt afford any whoopsies. The day did not start well. Teresa Hooper went to pick up Ellie Portnell with her own horse safely in the back of the lorry. She arrived at Ellies and opened the ramp and the whole ramp hit the floor!! This left her with her lovely horse stuck in the back and meant that unfortunately neither Teresa or Ellie could get to Moreton :-(

The senior team were now down to just 2 indivduals so no team score. First up was Karenlee Barrett with the gorgeous Eldorado VH Dingenshof. Unfortunately our unlucky start continued and Karenlee had an impromptu dismount.

The Juniors had started in the 2nd arena shortly after that and they kicked our unlucky start into touch by producing some cracking rounds and Lucy Watling riding Cass and Sorcha Goody riding Twiggy both got into the jump off. Lucy finished a fantastic individual 2nd and Sorcha not far behind in 4th. With Kate Greenall and Henrys score helping them to a   brilliant team 2nd place. Not bad for a team of three!

While the girls were busy turning our luck around our final senior Tom Dyer had started his rounds riding PJ. Tom pulled of 2 clears and went into the jump off where he flew round to be just pipped into 2nd place.

Really well done to everone who took part and a massive thank you to all our fabulous volunteers today who were Sheri Start, Lynnie and Grace Reed and Tara and Abi Goree

And as always a great big thank you to our amazing sponsors Agricultural Water Engineers who have once again stepped up to sponsor our teams this year.

2018 AGM

2nd Feb 2019


Every year at the AGM we present 8 trophies and rosettes to our members. All through the year Donna collects all the results from our club comps, Area qualifiers and Championships and puts them all into various spreadsheets.just before the AGM she totals up all the points and the trophies are handed out to the winners. we then give rosettes to the first second and third people on the list too.

This years results were....


Dressage Trophies

There are 2 dressage trophies and they are awarded to the Senior and Junior members who have accumulated the most point through the year in our club dressage competitions.



1st   Karenlee Barrett    65 points

2nd=   Abbie Wyatt   23 points

2nd=   Heather Ward   23 points

3rd   Tara Goree   19 points



1st   Josephine Southey   37 points

2nd   Ellie Portnell   26 points

3rd  Sorcha Goody   19 points


Combined Training and Showjumping Trophies

There are 2 of these as well and these are presented to the senior and junior members that have accumulated the most points through the year in our club combined training and showjumping comps.



1st    Tina Beard   24 points

2nd   Sam Langford   23 points

3rd   Lynn Baggott   21 points



1st   Sorcha Goody   26 points

2nd   Poppy Firth   24 Points

3rd   Lucy Watling   16 Points


Team Trophies

There are also 2 of these and again they go to highest scoring Senior and Junior. Points are accumulated in all of the BRC area qualifiers and the BRC Championships. You will get points for attending plus extra points for placings. you get double points for Championships.



1st   Donna Boyd   40 points

2nd   Sarah Mitchell-Sheppard   36 points

3rd   Alice Stone   19 points



1st   Ellie Portnell   45 points

2nd   Sorcha Goody   28 points

3rd Lucy Watling   21 points



RoR Trophy

This trophy goes to the Ex Racehorse who gains the most points throughout the year in club comps, area qualifiers, championships and you also get points for attending our club lessons.


1st   Sorcha Goody and Queens Forester   94 points

2nd   Lucy Watling and Casisle   61 points

3rd   Donna Boyd and Rinus Star   38 points


Mads Southey Trophy

This is the trophy to win!!! points are acumulated throughout the year for anything you attend with the SWRC. you get 1 point for every lesson or club comp class that you take part in. You get 2 points for every area qualifier class you do and 4 points for a Championship class. but the big points come from volunteering. 2 points for a club comp, 4 for an area qualifier and 6 for a championship. 


1st   Sarah Mitchell-Sheppard   51 points

2nd   Karenlee Barrett   48 points

3rd   Alice Stone   42 points


Huge congratulations to all our dedicated and hard working members who picked up a prize this year and keep up the good work. 



Area 17 Arena Eventing Qualifiers

RAC Saddle Club Bovington

24th/25th Nov 2018


The final qualifier of 2018 and what a way to finish the year!!! We sent 3 teams over the 2 day competition. On the Saturday we were represented by Annie Gillott, Sam Langford, Katie Butler and Poppy Firth in the 70 team. Sam, Katie and Poppy all pulled off the double clear and with just a few time faults between them picked up a fabulous team 2nd and Katie also had an individual 6th on her lovely horse Toners Pintada.

Onto day 2 and we sent a 90 and a 100 team. unfortunately both teams were only fielding 3 riders but that didn't stop them! The 90 team of Alice Stone, Martine Kemmish and Mercedes Notton-Hill were up first and did an absolutely amazing job. Both Alice and Martine managed the double clear with just a few time faults to add for Martine and just 2 unlucky poles for Mercedes. Alices double clear within the time gave her a fantastic individual 3rd proving once again why Adamstown Lady and herself are our club experts at this sort of competition. But even better the team came 1st. they will now head for the Championships at Aston Le Walls in March (Whoop Whoop).

Finally the 100 team finished the weekend off for us. Rosie Fowler, Sophie McCarter and Hannah Fowler did us proud with just a few pesky poles for Rosie and Sophie and a brilliant double clear inside the time and an individual 4th for Hannah riding Too Cool they picked up Team 3rd.

Huge Congratulations to all our competitors. no one came home without a rosette and as always an even bigger thank you to our volnteers for the weekend as without you we would not be able to send the teams, Karenlee Barrett, Mercedes Notton-Hill, Beth Greenalll and Donna Boyd.

Finally Thank you again to our wonderful sponsors Agricultural water engineers for you support of our teams this year.

BRC Dressage to music Championships

Bury Farm Equestrian

28th-30th Sept 


On Friday the 28th we sent Sarah Mitchell-Sheppard and Donna Boyd to Bury Farm for the Elementary Pairs music at the Dressage to music Championships and Heather Ward for the Veteran rider class on the Saturday. And what a way to end our 2018 Championships!

Sarah rode Donna's Rinus Star and Donna Rode Heathers Vagebond VD Witheove Z and they had some very original music very kindly put together for them by our resident photographer Keith Markillie of KWM Photography. The music was definately not to the judges taste but the floorplan couldnt be faulted and was foot perfect leaving them in 2nd place......Reserve National Champions!!! Whoop Whoop.

On the Saturday Heather also did a fantastic test on Vagebond VD Witheove Z to pick up a very respectable 8th place in the Veteran riders class. this was a % class (Prelim/novice) and Heather did the harder test (novice) and was acually 2nd out of the novices. Huge well done to everyone and Thank You's go to the fabulous team of supporters who came to cheer them on.

SWRC Dressage Championships

Manor Farm Teffont

23rd Sept 2018


Our 3rd annual dressage Championships was once again a very successful day. We had a record number of competitors taking part and as always the team in charge did an amazing job of keeping it all running super smoothly.

Congratulations go to all our 2018 Champions 

Intro Champ  Sarah Mitchell-Sheppard Castarnie

Reserve  Tom Carter and Sapphire Blue

Prelim (1) Champ Jeremy Naylor and George the dragon

Reserve  Katie Butler and Vinny

Prelim (2) Champ  Josephine Southey and Cape Secret

Reserve  Karenlee Barrett and Eldorado VH Dingenshof

Novice Champ  Tara Goree and Flightline Fenella

Resesrve  Abigail Goree and Flightline Fenella

Ele/Med Champ  Donna Boyd and Rinus Star

Reserve  Donna Boyd and Rinus Star


Full results:


Dressage and Combined Training

Warminster Saddle Club

12th Aug 2018


Well done to all of you who took part and don't forget that everyone who achieved a top 6 placing has Qualified for the SWRC 2018 Dressage Champs At Manor Farm Teffont.

Your qualification emails will be winging their way to you shortly and I look forward to seeing you all there!


A huge thank you goes to Beth Greenall, Abi Goree, Ellie Portnell's Mum and Ian for being our fabulous volunteers for the day.


Thanks also go to Keith and Anne Markillie of KwM Galleries for taking the photos all day and for sponsoring the show.

Check out your photos for the day at the KwM Galleries website.

And last but not least to Jayne Parsons for once again keeping us all extremely well fed!!! Amazing cakes as always <3

SWRC Dressage and Combined Training

Warminster Saddle Club

22nd July 2018


The hot weather continues and the decision was made to run both the dressage and the sj on a surface. Thanks to Warminster Saddle Club for allowing us to completely take over. I think I can safely say that all our competitors seriously appreciated it!!

Well done to everyone who took part and I hope you all had fun. Don't forget that if you finished in the ribbons it means you have qualified for our dressage championships.


Thank you Emma Palmer, Macy Palmer and Louisa Palmer for being our volunteers for the day and also to KwM Galleries for sponsoring this show. Checkout the KwM Galleries website for your photos. 

KwM Galleries


Area 17 Summer Dressage and Riding Test Qualifiers

Hurn Bridge

15th July 2018


Another absolutely scorching day competeing on a field that looked more like a recently cut stubble field than a lovely green grassy field in Dorset!!

Our Dressage teams did not let us down tjhough and showed true team spirit throughout the day.

Karenlee Barrett kicked us off to a great start gaining a fabulous score in the individual Prelim class getting her a

2nd place.

The Senior team of Tara Goree, Emma Palmer, Donna Boyd and Jo Philips came next and picked up a fab team 5th and individaual placings of 5th for Tara and 6th for Donna and Emma.

Into the afternoon and Donna Boyd picked up a 3rd in the Medium as an individual. After that the Jr's once again showed us how to do it!!!

All of the jr team had individual placings. Ellie Portnell 1st, Abi Goree 4th, Sorcha Goody 5th and Lucy Watling 5th giving them a team 1st. Whoop whoop!!!


Well done to everyone who bravely took on the ground condition and especially our Jr's who have one again qualified to go to Lincoln.


Thank you to Sally Williams and Tina Beard for being our amazing volunteers on the day and of course to Agricultural Water Engineers for their continued sponsorship of our teams.

SWRC Evening Dressage

Warminster Saddle Club

Thurs 5th July



Well done to all that braved the heat and came along to compete..

Don't forget that anyone who was placed in the top six has qualified for our Dressage championships.


Thanks go to Emma Hewlett for doing a fab job as our writer in the arena and to all of the other volunteers who helped it to run smoothly. Also Thanks to Hooves for coffee for keeping us all suitably refreshed.


Finaly a massive thank you to KwM Galleries for their sponsorship.



Area 17 Summer SJ Qualifiers


Sunday 1st July

The Junior team were once again victorious in the 80 team this year. Isabelle Morris, Sorcha Goody, Ellie Portnell and Poppy Hatton produced some great rounds and finished on a team score of 8. Individual placings were Isabelle 1st, Sorcha 2nd, Poppy 3rd and Ellie 4th.

They will now head to the BRC Championships in Lincoln. Good luck girls.

Both Teresa Hooper and Katie Butler also represented us. Teresa in the senior 80 and Katie in the senior 90. Unfortunately a few pesky faults kept them out of the placings.


Super thanks to our volunteers for the day who were Grace and Lynnie Reed (with a little help from her sister) and Donna Boyd.


Thanks also go to our lovely sponsors Agricultural water engineers.

Area 17 Dressage to Music Qualifiers

Crofton Manor

Sat 23rd June 2018


We sent 3 members to the DTM qualifiers this year. Tara Goree did a lovely test on the beautiful Fen but unfortunately didn't pick up a rosette this time.


Donna Boyd and Sarah Mitchell-Sheppard had another go at the pairs class. Its been a few years since the last go so this time they stepped up to the new Elementary/Medium class. Donna riding George and Sarah borrowing Super Fred.

They had a slightly more successful time this year and came home with a lovely red rosette and a Qualification for the Championships a Bury Farm in September......We won't mention that they were the only pair to enter!!!


Donna also rode George as an individual in the Medium but wasn't quite so lucky this time.


Huge thanks to Emma Hewlett for being our fabulous volunteer for the day and as always to our wonderful sponsors Agricultural Water Engineers for their continued support.

Area 17 Horse Trials Qualifiers

Moreton Equestrian Centre

Sunday 17th June 2018


Massive congratulation go to Alex hubbard and Ozzy who were the well deserving winner of the 100 and have qualified to go to Swalcliffe for the Horse Trials Championships in August where they will do the long format 3 day event.


The 80 team of Teresa Hooper, Martine Kemmish, Georgie Beard and Emma Hewlett started us off well with 2 individual 7th places for Martine and Emma.


The Jr 90 team of Sorcha Goody, Lucy Watling, Matilda Perry and Rosie Fowler went into the x-c in a very good position but unfortunately it was not their day and they weren't able to finish on a team score but Sorcha did a fantastic job to finish 5th in her first ever 90.


The 90 senior team of Alice Stone,Sophie McCarter, Daisy Weir and Shuna Cameron produced some cracking rounds with individual placings for Alice (10th) and Sophie (8th) which gave them a brilliant team 3rd. Ali Whipp-Long also represented us as an individual but unfortunately had a bit of a rough time in the SJ and decided to retire.


Alongside Alex's win Hannah Fowler also picked up an individual 5th in the 100.


Well done to everyone who competed and thankyou to all who gave up their time to help and support their club and as alway a huge thank you to Agricultural Water engineers for their continued support.


?Massive Congratulations go to Alex Hubbard and Ozzy

Evening Dressage

Manor Farm Teffont

Thurs 31st May 2018


The weather stayed kind and even though we had been threatened with thunder, lightning, gale force winds, tempest and tsunaimi we actually had a warm dry evening. Unfortunately I think the weather forecast had put people off entering as we had less people than in previous years. so well done to all of you who did brave it and congratulations to everyone who got placed and qualified for the SWRC Dressage Champs 2018.



FOTH Championships 2018



South Wilts Ridning club once again headed on mass to the FOTH Champs this year.


The weekend began with the 100 team who despite an unplanned dismount for Sarah Mitchell-Shepard the team managed a hugely impressive 7th place with great rounds from Zoe Dunham, Di Burgess and Alex Hubbard.over a testing course. 

Next up was Ellie Portnell riding the aptly named Amazing Pete in the junior combined training who produced a fab dressage score and a lovely clear round to finish a brilliant 2nd in her arena and overall 12th out of over 100 competitors.


the afternoon started with Alice Stone riding her back up horse Biscuit who replaced the awesome Pippa. Proving that Alice remains our FOTH Challenge ace she produced a fab double clear to finish 9th in a very large field of competitors.


Finishing off the Saturday were the 80 Challenge team. Roy Southey and Martine Kemmish started them off producing good rounds but with some time faults. Emma Hewlett and Bounce stepped up to their first Championship for us and completed with just an unlucky stop on the cross country and last up was Sarah on her 2nd ride of the day who produced a fab double clear with just 2 time penalties to finsh a very respectable 15th.


Sunday brought the next day of competition. Unfortunately Tom Dyer decided to retire after he was unable to take his own horse due to illness but Ben Burgess finished the weekend off by producing an excellent round in the individual Jr 80 Challenge to finish with with just 1 pole down and a few time faults giving him a placing of 21st out of over 70 competitors.


A massive Well Done to everyone who qualified and attended the Champs and a great big Thank You to all the wonderful support crew who help to make these events so much fun.


Thank you as always to Agricultural Water Engineers for their continued sponsorship of our awesome teams.



12th MAY 2018


The "Have a go dressage" had a record turnout on Saturday proving that this competition is getting more and more popular each year. The weather stayed sunny but not too hot making it perfect weather for competing and Jayne had produced a fabulous array of delicious cakes to keep us all well fed.


A huge Well Done goes to all the competitors and especially those who picked up the extra rosettes for the biggest improvement from their 1st test to the 2nd.


A great big SWRC Thank You to Sarah, Jan and the SMS team for organising it and making sure it ran so smoothly.





22ND APRIL 2018




Well what a fantastic day we had.The sun was shining and the SWRC teams really showed what team spirit is all about. I could not have been prouder of our little club.


The day started with the Jr team who represented us in the 80 Challenge. Lucy Watling, Ben Burgess and Matilda Perry did a fab job to start the day. Unfortunately a few problems meant they didnt get a team score however Lucy came a very impressive 4th (ind) and Ben was an even more impressive winner :-)



Next up were the senior 80 team. We had Teresa Hooper represent us as an individual and a team which consisted of Roy Southey, Emma Hewlett, Martine Kemmish and Sarah Mitchell-Sheppard. Our team managed some very impressive scores with Sarah picking up 6th (ind) and Emma a well deserved 3rd (ind). with scores like that it could only mean one thing.......

TEAM 1st


Next came the 90's. Again we had an individual Jr in the form of Georgia Laice Matthews, an individual Sr Ali Whipp-Long and our team which comprised of Alice Stone, Sally Williams,  Donna Boyd and Daisy Weir. again some fantastic scores that brought us a team 4th and our resident Challenge specialist Alice finished on a score of 0 to take the top spot.



Finally we had for the first time a senior 100 team. Sarah Mitchell-Sheppard (on her second horse), Di Burgess, Alex Hubbard and Zoe Dunham did us proud and finished the day of perfectly, Individual 5th for Alex and 4th for Di secured the final victory of the day.

TEAM 1st


A massive well done to all our competitors.

Ben, Lucy, Matilda, Sarah, Roy Emma, Martine, Alice, Sarah (again), Di, Alex and Zoe will be joining Tom Dyer and Ellie Portnell at Aston-Le-Walls for the FOTH ChampAnd lets not forget our volunteers on the day who were Sue Watling, Jesse Gibbons, Di Lever, Tom Weir, Andrea West and Edie Brazier. We wouldn't be able to do it without you and we really appreciate you volunteering.


And finally a great big THANK YOU to Agricultural water engineers who sponsor all our teams.




30th MARCH 2018


Huge well done to SWRC superstars Tom Dyer and Ellie Portnell for coming individual first.


Joining Ellie in the Jr team were Sorcha Goody, Lucy Watling and Abi Goree who all managed to get individual placings (Sorcha 2nd, Lucy and Abi 3rd) giving them a team 2nd.


Alongside Toms win his team mates also had some cracking marks securing a 5th place for Martine Kemmish and a 7th for Teressa Hooper giving them a team 4th


Daisy Weir managed a very respectable 5th place too. Especially impressive as she had only jumped the horse she was competing for the first time the day before.


Finally well done to Lottie Green, Ali Whipp-long and Emma Hewlett for representing us and contributing to the team scores. 


As always a massive thank you to our fabulous volunteers on the day who were Emma and Poppy Firth, Zoe Dunham and Jo Peacock.


Also thank you once again to  Matt and Karenlee Barrett of Agricultural Water Engineers for being truly wonderful sponsors and for coming to Crofton in the horrendous weather to support us.



24th MARCH 2018


We sent 3 teams to the dressage qualifiers on Saturday. The Jr team of Abi, Lucy, Sorcha and Georgia Laice showed us all how to do it by getting a team 3rd and an individual 4th for Abi and Sorcha. 


The 2 Sr teams unfortunately didn't manage any team placings but we did get some individual ones.The Sr white team of Tom Dyer, Daisy Weir and Ali Whipp-long ended up being a rider short but Tom produced a lovely relaxed and obedient test to pick up a 4th in the prelim and was SWRC's highest score of the day with just under 70%. The Sr red team were represented by Alex Hubbard, Karenlee Barrett, Tara Goree and Donna Boyd.


We also had 4 individuals represent us Matilda and Georgia Laice both did individual tests and for the seniors Teresa Hooper did a fab prelim test to gain our 2nd highest score of the day and Donna Boyd did a Medium test to come 5th.


A huge well done to all and a massive thank you to our volunteers for the day who were Scott Carson and Mick and Julia Read. You were stars.



18th FEBRUARY 2018


A lovely day for SWRC at the BRC area 17 SJ Qualifiers - so nice to see lots of our members competing in all levels.
The 80 team of Tina Beard, Jo Peacock, Di Burgess and Teresa Hooper had some cracking rounds but unfortunately no team placing.

The 90 team of Martine Kemmish, Di Burgess, Ali Whipp-long and Zoe Dunham also enjoyed fab rounds with an individual 5th for Di and team 4th!

The junior individual - Georgia Lace Matthews also managed to secure a brilliant two placings of 3rd and 5th!!

Last up the 100 team of three - Di Burgess, Martine Kemmish and Sarah Mitchell-Sheppard and they managed to sum up the day with team 3rd after a few pesky poles in the second rounds.

Thank you to Tara and Abi Goree, Jude and Ellie  Portnell for being our designated helpers - none of these riders would have been able to compete without you!!

SWRC  Winter SJ Championships

Dorset Showground 11th February 2018


A HUGE well done to all the competitors who took part in our SJ Champs. We had (mostly) good weather and what a fabulous venue. 


Thanks go to our sponsors KWM PHOTOGRAPHY and PLAIN EQUINE for their support.


Our 2018 Champions are.........




Class 1


1st  Isabelle Morris and Banner Spirit

2nd  Poppy Firth and Crystal

3rd  Tina Beard and Ted

4th  Lucy Watling and Cass

5th  Ellie Portnell and Amazing Pete

6th  Sam Langford and Zeeva


Class 1


1st  Sam Shepherd and Blue

2nd  Natalie Sorrell and Bob


Class 2


1st  Tilly Gratton and Harvey

2nd  Isabelle Morris and Banner spirit

3rd  Martine Kemmish and Tilly Two Tone

4th  Alice Stone and Biscuit

5th  Daisy Weir and Vancy

6th  Jesse Gibbons and Sky


Class 2


1st  Clem Martin and Razz

2nd  Tina Beard and Ted

3rd  Natalie Sorrell and Inchalong


Class 3


1st  Alice Stone and Biscuit

2nd  Sorcha Goody and Queens Forester

3rd  Tilly Gratton and Harvey

4th  Jesse Gibbons and Sky

5th  Chloe Haskell and Vancy


Class 3


1st  Martine Kemmish and Donald

2nd  Zoe Dunham and Fleur

3rd  Alex Hubbard and Band of Gold

4th  Lucy Watling and Cass


RoR Winner

Sorcha Goody and Queens Forester





SWRC Downlands Winter League Final

SJ Qualifier Sunday 21st January 2018


A very big thank you to everyone who competed or helped today at the LAST qualifier for the winter league competition. It was the worst weather you can imagine but  riders are made of tough stuff! It was an excellent turnout with some great riding. Congratulations to the first 6 in each class who now go to the Championships in February.




Class 1

1st Isabelle Morris and Banner

2nd Mia Newman and Pebbles

3rd Poppy Firth and Crystal

4th Alice Gentle and Ruby

5th Tina Beard and Ted

6th Jodie Haskell and Minky


Class 2

1st Isabelle Morris and Banne

r 2nd Alice Stone and Biscuit

3rd Georgy Killengray and Staplestown Bridage

4th Sorcha Goody and Twiggy

5th Gilly Cumming and Sergeant

6th Mia Newman and Pebbles


Class 3

1st Alice Stone and Biscuit

2nd Georgy Killengray and Stapletown Bridage

3rd Ellie Giddings and Kumala

4th Sophie McCarter and Delilah

5th Chloe Haskell and Vanc

y 6th Sorcha Goody and Twiggy


Results from the SWRC Christmas Show 2017

Class 1                                                                        Class 2 

1st - Isabelle and Banner                                            1st = Isabelle on Banner
2nd -Victoria and Dolly                                                2nd = Maddy on Harvey
3rd - Tina and Ted                                                      3rd = Scarlett on Quest
                                                                                    4th = Di 
                                                                                    5th = Saska on Frodo
                                                                                    6th = Sophia on Popcorn



Class 3                                                                         Class 4

1st = Saska on Louby and Scalett on Quest               1st - Ben on Lilli
2nd = Chloe on Vancy and Jodie on Murphy               2nd - Sophie Huntley
3rd = Sorcha on Twiggy & Lucy on Cass                     3rd - Maddy on Harvey
4th = Di on Twizzle and Ben on Lilli                              4th - Rosie on Isabella
5th = Isabelle on Banner and Chloe on Vancy             5th - Tilly on Harvey
6th = Sophia on Popcorn and Tilly on Harvey              6th - Chloe on Vancy


Class 5                                                                         Class 6           

1st = Ben on Lilli                                                          1st - Jodie on Twiggy
2nd = Rosie on Isobella                                               2nd - Ben on Beauty
3rd = Sophie on Jazz                                                   3rd - Chloe on Vancy
4th = Scarlett on Quest 
5th = Isabelle on Banner
6th = Di on Twizzle


Lead rein                                                                     Off Lead

1st = Ruby                                                                   1st - Macy
2nd = Jack                                                                   2nd - Margot
3rd = Elsie                                                                   3rd - Lulu
4th = Zak                                                                     4th - Lilly
5th = Darcie                                                                 5th - Georgina

                                                                                    6th - Evelyn



Well done everyone, a brilliant time was had by all.

SWRC Downlands SJ Qualifier

Sunday 15th October 2017

What a lovely start to our 1st SJ Qualifier for 2017/18. The weather was kind and didn't rain even though there was a hurricane swirling around everywhere else. Congratulations to everyone placed in the first 6 in there class and now qualify for the Championship show in February at Dorset Showground. 


Thank you to all competitors for taking part, some lovely riding and not one faller which is always a bonus!


A special thank you to our sponsors on the day AJC Drainage Ltd and to our helpers: Lottie Major, Sam Langford and Emma Loader. Jayne Parsons did a wonderful job as usual providing hot drinks, bacon butties and wonderful cakes.



CLASS 1                                                                      

1st   Tina Beard on Ted                                                

2nd  Theresa Hooper on Larkin                                   

3rd   Ellie Portnell on Amazing Pete

4th   Gina Parsons on Monopoly

5th   Sarah Andrews on Murphy

6th   Lynn Baggot on Ladykiller

Special Award to Jem Maunders on Oki


Class 2

1st  Jazmine Coles on Hollywell how nice is that

2nd Gina Parsons on Monopoly

3rd  Theresa Hooper on Larkin


Class 3

Jazmine Coles on Hollywell how nice is that


Congratulations everyone and to Jazmine for not only coming first in Class 2 & 3 but with having a horse whose name I had to check 3 times that I had written it down properly!


SWRC Dressage Championship Show

Sunday 24th September 2017

Well done to everyone who took part in the SWRC Dressage Championships. 

A great day of fabulous dressage and great team work - thank you to everyone who helped during the day and clearing up!
A special well done to our new 2017 champions and reserve champions!

Intro -
CHAMP = Karenlee Barrett

Prelim -
CHAMP = Fiona Scott

Prelim 15 -
CHAMP = Fiona Scott

% class -
CHAMP = Donna Boyd 
Reserve CHAMP = Alex Hubbard


Dressage and Combined Training Competition

+ Eventer Challenge

Sunday 10th September 2017

Warminster Saddle Club

Here are the results from Sundays competition. It was an excellent turnout and we would like to thank everyone for making this an enjoyable event. The rain managed to hold off until close to the end so we didn't get too wet! 


We hope everyone enjoyed the Eventer Challenge and although we had a few hiccups it was a learning curve and we will be including this challenge again at one of next years events.


Thank you Keith and Ann for excellent pictures- a special well done to Ann for her 1st and 3rd placings during her morning break from photography! Clearly a women of many skills!




Class 1 Intro B                                                                                    Class 5 Combined Training Intro B SJ 2’0’’

1st           Anne Markillie & Lisnagranchy                                    1st          Sam Langford & Zeeva

2nd          Sarah Holliday-Brown & Finn                                       2nd          Lyn  Baggott & Lady Killer             

3rd           Nikki Forbes & Mr Sparkles                                         3rd           Ceri Shell & Magic

4th           Lyn Baggott & Lady Killer                                             4th           Nikki Forbes & Mr Sparkles

5th           Julie Ireland & Vjienna                                                  

6th           Sam Langford & Zeeva


Class 2 Prelim 7                                                                                Class 6 Combined Training Prelim 7 SJ 2’3’’

1st           Laura Roberts & Cass                                                      1st           Alice Wigmore & Vox pop

2nd          Rebecca Hamilton-Fletcher& Gunner                              2nd             Emma Palmer & Cotton Cloud Colleen

3rd           Ann Markillie & Lisnagranchy                                          3rd           Ellie Portnell & Amazing Pete

4th           Emma Palmer & Cloud                                                    4th           Phoebe Iacono & Max

5th           Sally Pritchard & Silver Jinx

6th           Laura Roberts & Vancy


Class 3 Prelim 19                                                                              Class 7 CT Prelim 19 & SJ 2’6’’ – 2’9’’

1st           Rebecca H-F & Gunner                                                  1st           Rebecca H-F & Gunner

2nd          Emma Palmer & Cloud                                                   2nd          Emma Palmer & Cloud

3rd           Jesse Gibbons & Sky                                                     3rd         Jesse Gibbons & Sky

4th           Martine Kemmish & Tilly Two Tone                                4th           Martine & Tilly Two Tone

5th           Emma Hewlett & Bounce                                               5th           Emma Andre & First Errigal

6th           Hannah Pole & Bertie                                                     6th           Emma Hewlett & Bounce


Class 4  % class                                                                                  Class 8 % class & SJ 3’0’’

1st          (E)Donna  Boyd & Fred                                                  1st           Tara Goree & Boolagh Charles

2nd          (N)Donna  Boyd & Fred

3rd           (N)Donna Boyd & George

4th           (N)Heather Ward & George

5th           Tara Goree & Boolagh Charles


Dressage and Combined Training Competition

Sunday 13th August 2017

Warminster Saddle Club

Well, how lucky were we with the weather for this competition! Such a lovely day to be out with the horses, children, picnics and a great competition! Thank you to all competitors, helpers and supporters. The horses were all very well behaved and there was some beautiful riding and a lot of rosettes won. Congratulations to everyone who was placed and even if you weren't placed we hope you enjoyed spending the day with SWRC.


Results + combinations qualifying for our dressage championships are as follows:

Class 1 Dressage 
1st = Anne Dawson on Faygate
2nd = Emma Firth on Crystal
3rd = Sam Langford on Zeeva 
4th = Sarah H-B on Finn 
5th = Anne Gillott on Susies Choice

Class 1 CT
1ST = Sam Langford on Zeeva
2ND = Anne Gillott on Susies Choice

Class 2 Dressage
1st = Victoria Gale on Merlin
2nd = Tom Dyer on Double Illusion 
3rd = Ellie Portnell on Amazing Pete
4th = Tom Dyer on Lord of Roscon
5th = Olivia Wallis on Peppa
6th = Lucy Watling on Twiggy

Class 2 CT
1ST =Ellie Portnell on Amazing Pete
2ND = Olivia Wallis on Peppa
3RD = Lucy Watling on Twiggy

CLASS 3 Pure Dressage
1st = Victoria Gale on merlin 
2nd = Amelia Hayes on Glebdale Ranalbo
3rd = Alex Hubbard on Sooty 
4th = Elouise Lohan on Langfield sky Blue 
5th = Victoria Kemmish Betty on Leo
6th = Ros Coombs

Class 3 Dressage of CT
1st = Fiona Scott on Freddie 
2nd = Georgia Matthews on George 
3rd = Jasmine Coles on Holly well how nice is that
4th = Zoe Dunham on fleur 
5th = Emily Phillips on Mr Bowdiddy
6th = Sorcha Goody on Twiggy

Class 3 CT
1ST = Fiona Scott on Freddie
2ND = Jasmine Coles on Holly well how nice is that
3RD = Zoe Dunham on fleur
4TH = Emily Phillips on Mr Bowdiddy
5TH = Georgia Matthews on George
6TH = Sorcha Goody on Twiggy

Class 4 Dressage 
1st = Tara Goree on Duchess 
2nd=Natalie Phillips on Annaghmore Cavaboom
3rd = Ciara Bennett on Ballyard Flash 
4th = Sarah M-S on Bailey 
5th = Alex on Sooty 
6th = Abi Goree on Duchess

Class 4 CT
1st = Natalie Phillips on Annaghmore Cavaboom
2nd = Ciara Bennett on Ballyard Flash
3rd = Anne Dawson on Mouse



BRC Horse Trials Area Qualifiers. Sunday 18th June Moreton Equestrian Centre


Winning once as a team is amazing, winning twice is unbelievable but winning 3 times is incredible!!!

What a day at the BRC horse trials area qualifiers for our incredible members today (especially in the scorching temperatures!)

Win number one for the junior 80 team with individual 3rd for Ben, 7th for Lucy and 8th for Sorcha.

Win number two for the senior 80 red team with individual 1st for Donna, 3rd for Sarah and 5th for Roy.

Win number three for the senior 90 team with individual 1st for Di, 5th for Donna and Sally and 6th for Alice.

Second place for the senior white team with individual 3rd for Jesse.

Individual placings 4th for Sarah and Martine 5th from the blue team.

Well done also to Zoe who was just out of the ribbons .

You are all incredible and make us so proud!

Thank you to all our amazing support crew as always 


Junior 80 Team: Sorcha Goody, Lucy Watling, Chloe Haskell and Ben Burgess


Senior 80 White: Ruth Dresman, Jessica Gibbons, Emma Hewlett and Alex Hubbard


Senior 80 Red: Donna Boyd, Roy Southey, Sarah Mitchell-Sheppard and Aloysia Daros


Senior 80 Blue: Daisy Weir, Martine Kemmish, Sarah Mitchell-Sheppard


Senior 90  Team: Alice Stone, Donna Boyd, Sally Williams and Diane Burgess


Senior 100 : Zoe Dunham

SWRC Covered in Glory!

Salisbury Plain Fun Ride Sunday 10th June


The Salisbury Plain Fun ride organised by Martine Kemmish was a resounding success. Jeremy Naylor was our wonderful guide and host for the day at his beautiful stables in Elston. Not only is Jeremy a talented race horse trainer and equine vet he is also an excellent historian and guide! 


After a quick introduction and some nervous laughing everyone was ready to go. Jeremy kept a lovely pace for everyone and even the most nervous people enjoyed some glorious gallops over the plains. Along the way we had to avoid soldiers on manouvers, low flying helicopters and a few very loud bangs! Everyone was slightly amazed that their horses all took it in there stride (literally) and even enjoyed the detour through the wood with low branches and narrow gaps. A few hat silks became tree ornaments and everybody became very agile dodging low branches, yoga on horseback was mentioned!


After a fabulous 2hr ride we returned to Jeremy's for a sumptious picnic organised by Martine. The horses were all washed down and left to enjoy their haynets whilst we enjoyed the picnic and had the odd glass of wine - a very civilised day all round.


The whole day was perfect and everyone is now looking forward to the next time - Jeremy and Martine! 


I hope Jeremy enjoyed having a 'hareem' for the day and that the horses didn't spoil his lovely lawn too much!





Here is Jeremy's take on the day with more detailed info, forever the guide!! Thank you Jeremy.


I was very pleased to host and lead a ride across the Plain last Saturday for a cheerful and enthusiastic band of riders and their horses, members of the SWRC. The weather was fantastic and we rode an approximately 12 mile loop, starting along my grass gallop....a good place to test the brakes... (and taking in the Pyramidal Orchids!!)......we then headed over to the site where Tilshead Lodge once stood (avoiding various army manoeuvres on the way), via one of the old wooded avenues that bounded the estate ("yoga on horseback" was a comment that reached my ears)......then to "Tylshead Race", an area shown on the old maps of the 1700's where the Duke of Cumberland's racehorses were trained, incorporating what is reputedly the longest long barrow in the UK. From here we skirted around the German Village (full size uninhabited village built in the 1980's for army training) where there were some rather well-choreographed explosions to keep the party on their toes......and then finally back via Orcheston to the yard. After last week's rain the going was just about perfect for some leisurely long canters across the fabulous old turf....the morning was rounded off by a delicious lunch and glass of wine (or two) put on by the Club. Thanks to all who came along and to Martine Kemmish for organising the day. I look forward to welcoming you all back....?


Trow Lane Farm Camp  2nd – 4th June 2017


On Friday 2nd June ten SWRC members embarked on their weekend away with their horses to Trow Lane Farm Riding Camp.


We were allowed to arrive from 2pm onwards to settle in. The horses all had their stable allocation with a lovely comfy bed all ready for them and were soon peering their heads over stable doors to say hello to their neighbours and observe all the comings and goings.


The humans all took a little longer to settle, having to erect tents or clean out trailers and lorry’s to make a nice bedroom, it is amazing how homely you can make a trailer.  There was also the problem of where to put everyones drinks cabinet and keep it all cold!


 Later everyone managed to have a quick hack around the grounds to check out the XC and SJ course and look forward to 2 days of instruction. It was at this point that Beth Greenall and Lynnie Reed decided it all looked lovely but there was no way were they going to attempt any SJ or XC thank you very much!


Over The next 2 days everyone had a XC, SJ and FW lesson in their group with some excellent instructors followed by the Eventers Challenge on the last day. 


 Unfortunately the only day it decided to rain was just as the Eventers Challenge started but everyone still took part albeit shivering in shirt sleeves!  Beth and Lynnie who were definitely not doing any jumping both braved it and took part in the challenge and Lynnie earned a rosette for coming tenth. Everyone was extremely proud of them as they had certainly pushed themselves to their limits and came away smiling and feeling very proud!


All in all everyone had a wonderful time and are now looking forward to next year’s camp wherever it may be.


Members attending Camp: KarenLee Barrett, Martine Kemmish, Sam Langford, Alex Hubbard, Jesse Gibbons, Anne Hampton, Donna Boyd, Sheri Start, Beth Greenall and Lynnie Reed.


To see more photo’s please visit the gallery page

BRC Festival Of The Horse Championship sponsored by Horslyx

 20th - 21st May held at Washbrook Farm Aston-Le-Walls


Well done SWRC - A wonderful weekend away with fantastic horses and riders.

Saturday started with an individual 10th for Lucy Watling and Cass in the 85cm JNR combined training after the combination executed an accurate test and clear SJ round, this was followed by a good round from Sally Williams in the SNR 90 challenge who was out of the placings following time penalties and an unlucky pole SJ but a pleasing round for the combination.

Saturday was rounded off with a very respectable 5th place for the SNRs (Roy, Ruth, Donna and Martine) who also achieved 8th place in all 4 scores to count.

Sunday started off with Donna Boyd on Fred competing in the SNR 85CM Combined training - after a beautiful test and clear SJ they were placed individual 6th.

Then the weekend was rounded up with the juniors completing the 80 challenge - after 4 great displays of Riding they finished in 8th and 2nd in the 4 scores to count - a fantastic team result! ?????

Well done to all competitors and thank you to all who supported - such a fantastic club effort with brilliant team spirit and support as always 

Have A Go Dressage Saturday 13th May at Manor Farm, Teffont.


Well, after worrying that we may not have enough entries, we had a surge of entries and had a full day of dressage. The sun shone all day and it was lovely to see families staying to enjoy a picnic and to sample some of Jaynes lovely cakes and sandwiches. In fact Jayne said everyone had eaten her out of house and home and she only had 2 slices of cake left at the end of the day!


The atmosphere was relaxed and encouraging as some people were riding a dressage test for the very first time and others were trying to improve their dressage. The chance to ride a test and then have feedback from the judge and then ride the test again is an excellent introduction to dressage without the pressure of competition. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and all said they wanted to do it again.


A big thank you to all our judges who make this such a special event.


BRC Equi-Theme Intermediate Winter Championships

Bury Farm Equestrian Village 28th -30th April 2017

Well done to Tom Dyer riding Bobby who competed at the BRC Equi-Theme  Intermediate Winter Championships. Unfortunately no placings this time but a fantastic achievment just to be there. This is Tom's first season competing as a Senior.

Festival Of The Horse Challenge Qualifier

Sunday 23rd April 2107

Tenantry Farm


Well,l I don’t know if it had anything to do with the fact it was St Georges day but South Wilts members covered themselves with glory and put in some fantastic riding and all round team work to bring home the ribbons and qualify for the Championships. We had a Junior team and Red, White and Blue Senior teams, very patriotic!


Everyone was a little worried at the evening course walk that the ground was dry and hard and sadly Jesse Gibbons had to withdraw Sky from the white team as he has only just come back from injury. Disappointing for Jesse but it meant she could come and be a helper for the day.


Sunday dawned bright and warm and SWRC had 20 members competing either in a team or as an individual. This was a fantastic turnout and we have to say thank you to our sponsors Agricultural Water Engineers Ltd who this year are sponsoring our prelim entries and therefore we can enter more teams. This certainly paid off as the results show.


The Junior and Senior Red team were Victorious and go on to the BRC Championships in May, with the Blue and White teams also being placed. In fact everyone who entered either as an individual or team member came away with a rosette. Only Zoe Dunham was unlucky not to come away with a ribbon as they just missed their way at the water which was such bad luck as they were storming their way round the course.




Junior 80 Team  


 Competitors: Lucy Watling/Casisle,  Chloe Haskell/Landslows Lord Derby , Grace Reed/Cobalt Blue and Kate Greenall/Henry


Final Placing: Winners



Junior Individual Placings:  2nd Kate 3rd Lucy and 7th Chloe.


Senior 80 Teams

 Red Team:  Martine Kemmish/Tilly Two Tone,  Donna Boyd/Vagebond VD Withoeve 2,

 Roy Southey/Moyriesk Cotton Hope and Aloysia Daros/Spirit of Equites


Final Placing: Winners

 Blue Team: Teresa Hooper/Hillside Johnnie, Alexander Gillman/Mr Potato Head,

Emma Hewlett/Buddy and Ruth Dresman/Annesbrook Rosie


Final Placing: 3rd


 White Team: Sheri Start/Stilo Bunty, Alex Hubbard/Venture Hore, Sarah Mitchell-Sheppard/Queens Forester and Jesse Gibbons/Sternian (withdrawn)


Final Placing: 4th


Senior 80 Individual Placings: 2nd Ruth Dresman, 5th  Alexander Gillman, 6th Roy Southey


Senior 90 Team


 Competitors: Tara Goree/Boolagh Charles, Diane Lever/Hurry Up Harry, Donna Boyd/Rinus Star

and Sally Williams/Truly


Final Placing: = 2nd


Senior 90 Individual Placings:   1st  Sally Williams

                                                           5th Donna Boyd


The Junior team, the Red team and Sally Williams have all now qualified for the BRC FOTH Championships held in May 20th – 21st at Washbrrok Farm, Aston-Le-Walls, Northamptonshire.


Last but not least a big thank you to all the helpers and supporters who give up their time as without your support the teams could not enter.



Fence Judges

Annie Jeans and Keegan Reed

Tom and Sharon Dyer

Lizzie Proctor and Steve Haskell

Martine kemmish and Sheri Start

Georgie Green and Jane Bacon

Abi Goree and Jesse Gibbons

Beth Greenall, Lucy Jefferson and Dave


Special thanks to Jan Mitchell who processes all the entries and payments and basically makes sure we are actually entered and have the correct paperwork and all up to date. This is no mean feat with so many teams entering!

Festival Of The Horse Area Qualifier Combined Training

 Redenham Park Sunday 9th April 2017


What a glorious day for everyone who came watch, help or compete in the Combined Training Qualifier. The weather was beautiful and we were lucky enough to be able to enter 3 teams and two junior individuals.


There were highs - Red Team 4th, Blue Team 7th.  Individual 5th Martine, 4th Donna on Vagebond VD Withoeve (aka George) 3rd Aloysia. The icing on the cake was a win and qualification for Donna on Rinus Star (aka Fred) and Lucy on Casisle (aka Cassie)


There were lows - Tom Dyer had an unlucky tumble and came away with painful ribs but still managed a smile. 


Junior Individuals: Sorcha Goody/Queens Forester

            Lucy Watling/Casisle


Blue Team:        Teresa Hooper/Hillside Johnie

                       Tara Goree/Boolagh Charles

                          Alex Gillman/Mr Potato Head

                 Donna Boyd/Rinus Star


   Red Team            Donna Boyd/Vagebond VD Withoeve

                       Aloysia Daros/Spirit of Equites

               Tom Dyer/Lord of Roscon

                           Martine Kemmish/Tilly Two Tone


White team          Amy Sheppard/Andreo Bambaleo

              Tom Dyer/Desert Flame

                   Alex Hubbard/Venturemore

         Sally Williams/Truly


All in all a fabulous day and thank you to our helpers, Sheri Start, Lizzie Proctor, Beth Greenhall and Teresa Hooper. Also a big thank you to our sponsors Agricultural Water Water Engineers Ltd for our team entries.


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